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In 1958, when Benny Feingold, founder of the company BENNYSPORT, designed his first black artificial leather jackets in Paris, he could not have imagined that it would be the starting point for a lifelong adventure in men's fashion. During the 1970s, BENNYSPORT took an interest in mountain-wear and gained unique experience in making clothes that were comfortable, hard-wearing and waterproof.
The next generation of the family has taken over the company's collections in recent years.

They are continuing to advocate for French creation, paying close attention to the evolution of the market but always in the spirit of BENNY Man: simultaneously classic and modern, specialising in urban men's ready-to-wear fashion and elegant, casual sportswear taking its inspiration from a certain French expertise: traditional jackets, parkas and tracksuits, well cut, high-quality, comfortable and with a refined finish.

So what characterises Benny Les Hommes products? It's the details that make the difference! Multiple exterior and interior pockets, two-toned linings with three or even four fabrics, interior embroidery, double and triple topstitch, saddle-stitch seams, easy product care… And always a careful selection of top-quality fabrics with unbeatable value for money.

Despite the elaborate industrialisation of clothes manufacturing, some operations are still performed by hand (such as ironing the main elements), guaranteeing a unique visual style.

In all, about twenty models per season and two annual collections are distributed through multi-brand shops throughout France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK by a competitive team of about ten agents and representatives. Since 2008, a line of sweaters and polo shirts has been added to the jackets and parkas.
The Benny Les Hommes brand can be found in over 300 shops in France and worldwide.